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When was the founding period of NEBOSH?

NEBOSH was primary founded in 1979 by an autonomous testing commission in UK.

What does NEBOSH as a course imply?

NEBOSH as a course aims to encourage qualified individuals to become the future masters in the health and safety industry. NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health ) is a vocationally inclined independent examining board that provides internationally accredited certification on health, safety, environment, and risk management based on academic practice. Courses that lead to NEBOSH qualifications attract approximately 30,000 candidates annually and are offered by more than 400 course providers in 80 countries around the world.

Why take this course?

Both private and public sector industries are increasingly emphasizing on the importance of Health and Safety issues, which are of a significant concern. This requirement necessitates the need to educate and equip industry practitioners with optimum knowledge on Health and Safety.

What benefits do you get by taking this course at Green World Group?

NEBOSH – qualified personnel, from the Green World Group, are equipped to have the upper hand over other similar competitive qualifications. Recognized on the global scale by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM), and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Green World Group stands tall with unmatched success stories and candidate placements, thereby providing greater client satisfaction.

What are the benefits of NEBOSH IGC certification?

On successful completion of assessment and gaining a NEBOSH certification, the individual is better equipped when it comes to emergency situations or hazards at the workplace like fire, physical abuse, spreading of toxic gas etc. Procedures to reduce the risk of such events as well as controlling the damage should they occur is enhanced knowledge that can applied to practice in workplace.

What are the various courses under NEBOSH?

NEBOSH certification includes the following sub-divisional courses:




What does the NEBOSH IGC module contain?

The course provides a basic knowledge pertaining to workplace hazards and impending safety measures; it provides the basic knowledge required to kick start a career in HSE. The syllabus is divided into two units – the first deals with health and safety management (IGC1) and the second on preventing workplace hazards (ICG2). Assessment is performed through two written examinations and a workplace-based practical assignment (IGC3). Candidates are thoroughly evaluated of their theoretical knowledge and through practical applications in a mock-examination setup. The aim of this introductory course is to educate the candidate on the benefits of health and safety awareness, no matter in which environment he/she works. Educating on these parameters, based on global standards, ensures proper implementation of safety principles in job sites and other places. This will foster a safe working environment while facilitating growth and prosperity.

What does the NEBOSH OIL & GAS module contain?

NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil and Gas guides candidates on safety and prevention measures in handling onshore and offshore activities in the oil and gas industry sector. The candidate, equipped with NEBOSH Oil & Gas certification, is adept in devising safety measures and optimum hazard management, thereby ensuring a smooth work environment that will help in greater productivity. The course entails various methodologies of onshore extraction and offshore processing, demarcating the risks involved and ensuring that the qualified candidate engages in methods of safety for optimum efficiency on the work front. The bottom line is that the issue of safety is not the concern of a single person alone. The administrative and managerial staffs also have credible information on the benefits reaped from this course and learn to keep the workplace safe from potential hazards.

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