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Green World Group | 25th Jul 2017

Follow safety rules to remain safe while working at height

With high-rise buildings and towers dotting the city skylines of major industrial and developing nations, construction, maintenance and technical personnel ‘working at height’ face a lot of dangers and risks. Every year scores of workers, predominantly belong to construction industry, fall off from the dangerous peaks while carrying out maintenance or construction activities.

In most of the cases, accidents at construction sites are caused due to accidental fall owing to faulty or inadequate safety measures taken by the construction companies or contractors and lack of knowledge and training for employees to remain safe while working at peaks.

Employees and managers working at dangerous heights should be protected from the natural and man-made disasters and health hazards. As construction industry contributes majorly to pollute the environment, construction workers and engineers are largely affected due to highly dangerous pollutants such as fly ash, dust, chemicals and other construction wastes.

It is the prerogative of the workers to get the best safety cover in terms of quality camouflage, protective gear, well maintained machinery and strong scaffolding around the construction sites.

Workers should also be adequately covered by suitable accidental or life insurance plan to protect their families in case of any unfortunate event. Awareness is the key in remaining safe and healthy while working at height. It is the responsibility of the employers to educate their workers working in high-rises and communication towers about the importance of following safety measures and using appropriate protective equipment when they climb dangerous peaks for construction, repair or maintenance activities.

Workers at peaks should also get immediate medical assistance during emergency situations which can save lives. High rise buildings where workers are involved in building and other maintenance and repair works should be provided with basic knowledge on first aids so that they can protect themselves and also their colleagues in case of emergency. Construction companies and building owners also should keep emergency evacuation and rescue team ready to provide immediate medical attention for workers in peril.

Importantly, educating workers on safety standards and hiring workplace safety professional to safeguard workers should be the priority of people engaging skilled and un-skilled workers for various works at high-rise structures. Safety preparations and regulations should be in place well before the start of any construction and maintenance activity at peaks.

Employers should also take the help of HSE professionals and safety officers who have expertise in devising protective mechanism for workers to remain safe while working at height. Workers who have knowledge and working skills to protect employees should assess the workplace for possible and potential dangers and devise suitable protective standards and regulations to be followed strictly by all so as to make the working places absolutely safe, healthy and accident-free. Alternatively, employers should engage professional safety training institutions such as Green World Group to train their workers engaged in high-rise maintenance and construction works.

Green World Group has been helping the workers of various industries to acquire latest knowledge and skills on workplace safety by offering them several safety courses. GWG’s safety experts have devised in-house training and distance education programs for construction people working at height to enhance their knowledge and awareness on remaining healthy and safe.

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