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Webmaster | 25th Jun 2016


About NEBOSH ? (A small peep into HISTORY) Courtesy:

A question that is usually raised by students and people who are not into safety field ?

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) was formed in 1979 as an independent examining board and awarding board with charitable status. NEBOSH offers a wide range of globally – recognized, vocational – related qualifications throughout the world. Annually approximately 30,000 candidates are offered various NEBOSH qualifications by over 500 course providers providing facility to write the exam in almost 100 countries.

In Britain 1979 for the first time the Interim NEB (National Safety Examinations Board) opened its door in Leicester. Professor Richard Booth took up his position as founding chairman of NEBOSH.

The first NEBOSH Associate Level and Member level examinations took place in June 1980. There were total of 5 papers for the exam.
• Law
• Behavioral Science
• Techniques of Safety Management
• Occupational Health & Hygiene
• General Science

The first NEBOSH exam results are released in August 1980. In 1980’s Interim NEB changed its name to NEBOSH (Nebosh Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health).

In October 1981 NEBOSH grows to next level. Membership of NEBOSH now comprises of Chairman; IOSH Board members; IMSO Board Members; Representatives of teaching establishments; Members of government departments; ROSPA Board Member.

In June 1982 140 people registered for their NEBOSH Ordinary level certificate and 84 for the Higher level certificate. In February 1987 NEBOSH agree plan to introduce new qualifications structure, including a Diploma and Certificate.

In April 1989 NEBOSH Board issues their objectives – “To improve the quality & quantity of people with vocational qualifications in Occupational Safety and Health.”

In June 1989 NEBOSH introduces color coding system for their exams. In January 1990 there were only two staffs working at NEBOSH. In May 1991 NEBOSH begins to formally separate itself from IOSH, with its first Memorandum and Articles of Association. By this time 7 staff were working for NEBOSH.

In April 1992 NEBOSH registers as a charity with charity Commission with a total of 9 staffs. In June 1992 Martin Shuttleworth becomes NEBOSH’s fist Chief Executive.

In September 1992 Martin Shuttleworth, NEBOSH Chief Executive takes his National General Certificate. He is taught by present-day NEBOSH Chief Executive Teresa Budworth, who worked for Ajax Health & Safety at the time.

In December 1992 NEBOSH Specialist Environmental Diploma is launched and on June 1993 Construction Certificate was launched and exams were held.

One of the most prestigious course for NEBOSH is NEBOSH Diploma and in June 1998 First exam for the NEBOSH Diploma Part 1 takes place. In June 1999 NEBOSH Diploma Part 2 takes place.

In October 2000 The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) accredit NEBOSH as an awarding body. In September 2001 Dolores Lavander of West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) becomes the 50,000th NEBOSH examination candidate. In March 2006 Teresa Budworth is appointed as NEBOSH Chief Executive.

In January 2009 NEBOSH International Diploma was launched at Intersec Dubai. Two months later the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is launched. In September 2011 Sean Minnican, a 26 year old Mechanical Engineer from Cumbria, becomes the 150,000th person to gain a NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Heath and Safety. Further to this NEBOSH launched International Fire Certificate, NEBOSH International General Certificate in Arabic etc.

As a registered charity, NEBOSH have made a commitment to working with other charitable organizations in promoting health and safety, particularly through education and training. This is the core value which is embedded in their Memorandum of Association, which states:
“ The objects of NEBOSH shall be preservation of health by the promotion of high standards of health, safety and environmental protection at work in particular, but no exclusively, through study and competence in risk management”.

NEBOSH courses are delivered through accredited course provider’s world wide who are selected through a rigorous audit process by Accreditation Department. Green World Group having accreditation number 733 is one of the accredited course provider who are responsible for delivering NEBOSH qualifications to prospective students. Green World Group officially launched its training department on 2005 in Middle East and are no having 18 offices in 6 different countries and still expanding to other areas. Green World Group currently offers NEBOSH International General Certificate, NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety, NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety & Risk Management. NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification.


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