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Webmaster | 25th Jun 2016

Studying How to Do a Risk Assessment with Green World Group

What is a hazard?

The term hazard can be defined as source of potential to cause harm or injury and, sometimes, the potential harm or injury itself. For example a person entering inside a silo which is filled with grains can be engulfed or asphyxiated. So in this case the engulfment or asphyxiation is the hazard. Another good example is smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer.

Is it possible to reduce a Hazard?

It is often impossible to reduce a hazard such as hazard associated with petrol is its flammability. So if we try to remove this hazard the flammability then the resulting product certainly may not be useful. However in many occasions we can reduce or effectively remove a hazard associated with a particular work material or process.

So what is a Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment is a careful examination of anything in your work environment that could cause injury or ill health. A sufficient and suitable risk assessment will help to protect you, your workforce and other, and finally your business.

What are the steps of doing a risk assessment?

There are 6 simple steps of doing a risk assessment
Step 1: List the work tasks that are your responsibility
Step 2: Identify the risks – what are the hazards, who might be harmed and how?
Step 3: Estimate the Risk
Step 4: Evaluate the Risk
Step 5: Record your finding
Step 6: Review your findings.

Below is a sample risk assessment which was can be practiced.



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