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Green World Group | 2nd Dec 2017

How to safeguard your enterprise from electricity hazards

Most of the fire accidents happening in Residential and commercial buildings across the world are due to
  • faulty and Low quality electrical circuits
  • Overloading of sockets
  • improper handling of electrical devices or Using inferior devices.

Apart from causing devastating impact on the business and people’s lives, electricity can be more dangerous if used improperly by inexperienced hands.

Overloading is the most common cause of electricity related accidents in industries and also in homes.

Overloading a socket can destroy a building completely, causing irrecoverable loss of lifetime possessions, mental agony due to financial hardship, loss of business and reputation. By following simple precautions, many lives and more injuries can be prevented.

By following simple precautions, many lives and more injuries can be prevented.

What are the causes of electricity related accidents?

With increasing number of industries, distribution of power has become a major challenge to electricity providers. Uneven power distribution can lead to over utilization of electricity from the grid thereby straining the equipments and overheating the power cables and sockets.

Apart from over drawing from power source, the following are the reasons which can lead to electricity-related accidents in industrial environment.

  • Poor maintenance of electricity circuits and industrial equipments
  • Usage of low quality wires, switches and other critical safety devices
  • Non compliance to electrical safety regulations and standards
  • Failure to assess the dangers and risks.
  • No frequent/quality checks and safety audits
  • Using inexperienced people to correct faulty electrical system
  • No regular training to workers about electrical safety standards and practices
  • Failure to document earlier incidents and feedbacks from experts

There can be electricity leakages which can lead to life-threatening injuries to workers. Poorly maintained or loosely wired circuits can pose danger to workers and costly machinery. Due to sparks and overheating of cables, fire can break out and create havoc to the entire surroundings and lives.

In the recent past, most of the fire related accidents reported worldwide were cause due to short circuit or improper usage of electrical power. Scores of lives have been lost due to electricity accidents, both in residential and commercial buildings, which other, could have been avoided if proper precautions and safety standards are followed.

Electrical shock can indispose employees and render them incompatible for normal life activities. In some severe cases, such accidents can be fatal too.

Accidents due to electricity can cause production loss to employers, loss of man-power hours due to shut-downs, increase over-head and other hidden costs, hike staff insurance and compensation payouts and finally, loss of business reputation.

Way out

The best possible way to prevent fire due to overheating of sockets and other faulty electrical equipments is to have well qualified and highly efficient team of safety experts who have electrical safety diploma certificate from reputed institutions.

Workers should also be aware of various electricity hazards and risk areas for that they should be given frequent electrical safety training by competent HSE experts.

One of the most outstanding electricity courses available for aspiring safety professionals is diploma in electrical safety training Course offered by Green World Group at its centres across the globe. This government sponsored diploma is highly rated by industries as the best and internationally recognised diploma in electrical safety.

So, start your HSE career today with a diploma in electrical safety.

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