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Green World Group | 27th Nov 2017

How to turn-around your NEBOSH exam failure into success

Everyone knows the value NEBOSH certification and why people go crazy about acquiring it as part of their qualification profile. NEBOSH is the most outstanding and desirable qualification for those seeking successful career in Occupational Safety and Health sector.

But clearing NEBOSH is not like any other school or college exam. The professional qualification is one of the most challenging to get through, but it not an impossible task either.

There are quite a few reasons why students may fail in NEHOSH exams.

Not studying well: Students devote less time to study the course material and attend questions incorrectly.

Misinterpreting questions: It is highly disappointing that even you know the answer, if you misread the question, you may end up losing marks for writing wrongly.

Not including enough vital points: Examiners look for all relevant points to give you full marks for the questions asked. So, it is important to analyse the questions and include all required points to complete the answer.

No depth answers: NEBOSH wants to test your knowledge and you have to show that you know what they want. So, writing brief answers for questions asked to elaborate or explain will not fetch you maximum marks.

So, how to address these issues and turn-around your NEBOSH exam debacle into a grand success?

Since NEBOSH will not give you feedbacks what went wrong after you get the negative results, it is important to understand beforehand that how to approach the exams and what are the various parameters to get successful result.

Tips to crack NEBOSH Exams

Devote time and prepare well: There is not short cut to success. Unless you devote time and spend quality hours to prepare well, understand the lessons thoroughly and clarify all your doubts from your tutors, it is difficult to impress the examiners. Also, you may have qualifications more than NEBOSH or have better knowledge in the domain, but NEBOSH requires hard work, dedicated time and systematic preparation for success.

There is no fixed study hour for every learner, as everyone has different kinds of understanding and retention ability. So, understand your ability whether you are a fast or moderate learner, and then plan your study hour accordingly. Give enough time between exam registration and exam date and workout a systematic timetable to complete all the lessons before exam and allocate time for revision too.

Misreading questions: This is the most common error students make in NEBOSH exam. Take time to read every question thoroughly. We know that for such high-profile exams, time is prime. But it is fine if you take an extra minute to read the question again instead of writing wrong answer and losing full marks.

Right answers fetch more marks: It is also important that after understanding the question correctly, plan that how you are going to write the answer. For example, for a question carrying 8 marks, you are expected to write eight important points with appropriate explanation.

Show in-depth knowledge: Also, avoid repetition of points, unwanted information and round-about answers. Always include a couple of more relevant points to inform the examiner that you have in-depth knowledge on the topic.

Know what to write: Some questions may confuse you and you should write answers correctly. So, it is recommended to read and master the NEBOSH Guidance on Command Words document written by NEBOSH. Go through different examples to know what and how one should write answers to secure maximum marks.

How to Write an effective Report on NEBOSH GC3

So, all the best students for the successful NEBOSH exam.

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