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Green World Group | 28th Nov 2017

Making Construction Sites as Healthy and Safe as Ever

Construction sites are the major contributor of workplace related accidents and injuries. Being dubbed as word’s most dangerous industry, construction sites’ health and safety failures, due to various reasons, can cause immense harm to workers’ wellbeing with injuries ranging from temporary to permanent in nature, or in some cases, it can be fatal.

Since at construction sites, a large number of workers need to perform various tasks simultaneously, both during daytime and also during nights, chances of accidents, injuries or mishaps can occur anytime which can be classified into different types.

Let’s analyse different risks and dangers and how safety and health failures at construction sites can be avoided to reduce the occurrence of unfortunate events.

Work Related Injuries

Trips, slips and falls are the most common work related injuries happening at construction sites. Though in most cases, it will be non-fatal, such accidents are caused due to careless working practices, failure to assess the dangers and risks and not reporting hazards or near misses to the workplace managers or immediate supervisors.

At construction sites uneven surfaces are the major reason for accidents involving slips or trips. Failing to improve walking surfaces, non-providing of safety footwear and signposts, improper lighting and failure to assess danger areas are some of the common mistakes which can lead to bone breaking slips. Keeping construction items not in their designated places can also prove danger to workers.

Lifting and Handling Hazards

As lifting and handling hazards at construction sites are responsible for more than 20 per cent of workplace accidents in construction industry, building companies and worksite managers should take lot of care to see to it that no one carries extra load and also, all manual loads are properly and safety delivered using the latest available technology.

Management should also assess the lifting potential and health of each worker and avoid such manual activities where the possibility of automatic lifts or mechanization is there to do the jobs. If the manual lifting of loads can’t be avoided, managers should work ways to make the loads manageable during the repetitive trips and check whether the loads can be broken down into smaller loads.

Falling from Height

Falling from heights is also one of the major contributors for workplace accidents and fatalities at construction sites. Some of the reasons are: not using safety equipments, not assessing the danger correctly, not having precautions such proper support system such as scaffolding or rope access system, using improper, weak or unbalanced ladder to reach the heights and not assessing the health condition of workers who are not capable of working at elevated places. Workers working at heights should be properly trained to keep them safe and healthy.

Other hazards

Apart from this, hearing more noise continuously above certain decibels, repetitive actions, continual bad posture, regular exposure to vibrating tools, exposure to hazardous substances such as fly ash, paints, inhalation of dust created by cutting and using dry cements can be highly dangerous and can cause various health disorders.

Workplace managers should assess the dangers and risks and use preventive measures such as rotation of workers exposed to such conditions and use protective gears to safeguard workers from falling prey to workplace related illness and accidents.

Diploma in construction safety

Construction safety training course is a health and safety program which is accredited by BSS of India. Construction safety diploma course cover vital legal needs regarding to HSE in construction sites.

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